Color Damage Men

Milbon Aqua Smooth 2-hour Protein-Enriched Detoxifying Hair Treatment price starting from RM 189 (for Men).

Especially for those coloured hair or even hair bleached hair for hydrates brittle hair. You will leave the salon with satisfied your hair feeling fresh, silky, and clean.

→ ATS treatment set (Color Damage Active Repair)


Treatment Description : ATS Salon special line contains silk amino and pellicer. They are quickly absorbed into hair to restore weaken hair cuticles and supplement much needed collagen

 ATS Repair Therapy Shampoo & Mask - 1) Strengthens Inner Hair, smoothen surface 2)Cleans remaining alkalis after the treatment 3)Long-life expanse after the Acid Treatment

* ATS Amino Matrix - 1)Bonds with moisture in hair to strengthen hair cuticles 2)Effective and long-lasting 3)Treats hair with high concentration of keratin, collagen and silk amino acid

* ATS Fill up - 1)Easily absorbed and restores inner matrix of hair 2)Keratin based and creates silky texture 3)KELIWOOL makes hair elastic and healthy

* ATS Control Buffer - 1)Acid base and brings down pH level of hair 2)Color result is more vivid and vibrant 3)Prevents over-processing and reduces alkali level of hair

* ATS In-cure CMC - 1)Restores inner matrix of hair 2)Softens and smoothens hair 3)vegetable based oil gives luminous and brilliant shine

* ATS Barrier Treatment - 1)Instantly cures and strengthens hair cuticle 2)Creates protective film on hair and locks the nutrients within the cuticle 3)Gives shiny,silky and nourised hair

→ Milbon Deesse's MU Series Treatment Set (Milbon Aqua Smooth/Moisturize)

Product In-salon use : (mu1,mu2,mu3/mu1+,mu3+/mu1x,mu3x / mu4-home care)
Treatment Description : Provides silky, smooth, shiny , strong, healthy, moisturized and pliable hair by selecting the category that is suitable to the current hair conditions. Each step of the product gives a different aroma pleasant for customers to experience the best professional hair treatments in a relaxing atmosphere.

*Deesse's Mu1,Mu2,Mu3 (for Fine - Normal Hair) : Smooth down cuticle for silky feel

Mu1 - Bonding the cuticle
Mu2 - 1)The hydrophilic water-based polymer can capture and maintained moisture in the hair 2)The ionic effect of combining with Step 1 amino acid oil, provide moisture to dry & damage hair, especially at the hair ends

Mu3 - Create a high-slip coating

*Deesse's Mu1+,3+ (for Normal - Coarse Hair) : Moisturize inside for smooth feel

Mu1+ - Moisture to penetrate inside the hair

Mu3+ - Increase the smoothness of the surface

*Deesse's Mu1x,3x (for Coarse - Unruly Hair) : Restore CMC lipids for soft feel

Mu1x - Repairing the lipid layer CMC

Mu3x - Confine the moisture within the hydrophobic coating

→ Milbon Jemile Fran Treatment Set (Milbon Aqua Smooth/Moisturize)

Product In-salon use : (Heat Gloss H1,H2 / Heat Gloss D1,D2/ Weekly Booster D3)

Treatment Description : Designed for busy working ladies to create a base of manageable hair to maintain beautiful hair with just blow-drying at home. For every woman who wants to have beautiful hair, we are always here to support you on this first important step.

Heat Gloss H1,H2 (Water x Oil, the unique combination to silky, soft hair)

1) It penetrated into the hair & softens the hair by loosening the hydrogen bond with water 2)It enters between the proteins, works as a lubricant to soften the hair

Heat Gloss D1,D2 (Adhesive-type of oil veil provides hair with the beautiful soft & silky touch with prolonged effect

1) The high adhesion lasting veil will attach to Step 1's softener lipid to form a veil on the hair surface

→ British M Treatment Set  (Korea Intensive Enrich Butter)

Product In-salon use : (Hydrate Hair Butter, Regenall Clinic Bonding Cream, Annatto Hair Oil)

Hydrate Hair Butter :

1) The science : Natural Oils Including shea butter and argan oil, instantly smooth damaged hair to keep moisturized and trimmed throughout the day. You can experience a treatment effect that prevent chemical and heat damage.

2) Benefit : Shea butter provide moisture to the inside of your hair. You can experience a moisturized hair Ceramide makes your hair smoothly to fill in hair cuticle.

Regenall Clinic Bonding Cream :

1) The Science : CMC, Plant Stem Cell compounds protect hair from chemical damage by creating a non-breakable barrier to rough and damaged hair inside outcell

2) Benefit : This is highly concentrated hair clinic cream that can fill the hair with Amino Acids and Keratin, CMC, Plant Steam Cell and Ceramide compounds repair dry and dull hair and protect hair from heat

 Annatto Hair Oil :

1) The Science : A powerful hair treatment oil with unique formulation Annatto Complex for healthier hair with natural glow. Combining nourishing Annatto oil from Amazon, organic pumpkin seed oil and argan oil at optimal ratio, helps to work as an intensive repair treatment

2) Benefit : Annatto Oil adds natural shine while pumpkin seed oil soothes and protects scalp and argan oil soften, tame flyaway and detangles hair. Acts as a natural heat, UV and fine dust protectant and is loaded with antioxidants that work to minimize damage.


→ Keratin Treatment

(K Gloss, Kerafill)

K-Gloss DeFrizzing Keratin Treatment :

💙 K-Gloss injects keratin and collagen to boost shine, gloss, and moisture. Our Smoothing Treatment can last up to 3 months, eliminate frizz by 90%.  Our hair is made up of keratin. 

      Any chemical treatments or heat styling will damage our hair while losing its keratin. Therefore, that's why K-Gloss is here! K-Gloss treatments are infused with keratin and collagen to bring your hair back to its original state or even more shiny and sleek. Rebuild hair fibres from the inside out. Experience healthy & smooth locks without constant maintenance.


Hair Treatment Color Damage Repair for Men + Aqua Smooth Moisturise
RM 189.00