Korean Perm Women

Korean perm price starting from RM 269 (for Women).

Whether you want a Japanese perm or Korean digital perm?

Digital perming will make you more feel relaxing.

→ ATS Professional (from Italy)

     ATS MAX : With ATS Max, hair professionals now can customize perm recipe for any type of hair from damaged to healthy. ATS Max is a brand that empowers hair professionals and enable them to transfrom damaged hair to healthier and stronger hair with bouncier waves

      Step 1 -

     P1 : Normal Hair (Cream type)

              i) Contains Diammonium dithioglycolate (DADTG) to prevent over-processing of chemical treatment and hair damage. Creates uniform and elastic curl. 

             ii)Reducing agent with unique formula quickly absorbs into hair and shortens processing time

       R1 : Damaged Hair (Gel Type)

             i)Contains DADTG to prevent over-processing of chemical treatment and hair damage. Creates uniform and elastic curls.

             ii)Silk peptide made up of 18 kinds of amino acid to restore lipids and fortifies keratin structure.

       MC : Damaged/Extremely damaged hair (Lotion type)

             i)Multi Control(MC) perm lotion has special formula to prevent further hair damage even afer multiple attempts.

            ii)Uniquely formulated with mild acid base which is PH balanced (PH4.5-5). No alkali

        Step 2 -

        C2 : (Cream type)

              i)Positive ion and hydrogen bonds in neutralizer are easily absorbed into hair and balances moisture level.

             ii)Contains grapeseed oil, argan oil and coconut oil to keep hair soft, smooth and luminous

        L2 : (Liquid type)

             i)Positive ion and hydrogen bonds are easily absorbed into hair and balances moisture level.

            ii)Contains coconut oil that is rich in collagen and lauric acid to protect hair from thermal treatment and keeps hair elastic and smooth


→ British M (from Korea)

      Permanent Wave Range : i)Pumpkin Enzyme Perm ii)Milk Protein Perm iii)Men's style Down Perm

     i)Pumpkin Enzyme Perm : Perm formula for men and women

        The Science : With its excellent antioxidant function, helps to recover healthy luster to dyed or damaged hair. This is a clinic perm formula to be safely applied for various he                                 at perms.

        Benefit : Treated by powerful antioxidants the healthier hair prevents colors fading from the cortex and helps to enhance the vivid and even color tones.
                       Certified ingredients such as witch hazel and natural oils protect hair from chemical damages and help to keep the health of scalp and hair.

        The antioxidant action of the cuticles prevents the color fading of the fur cortex and  protects the existing dyed colors uniformly and clearly

        Feature of the pumpkin enzyme extracts : The strong antioxidant content in pumpkin enzyme dissolve harmful chemical material remaining in the hair to make healthy hair 

                                                                                               and reduce damage.

      ii)Milk Protein Perm

          The Science : Milk Protein Perm is a new concept of perm formula with cysteamine. It is alkali (ammonia, MEA) free, leaves no residue and odor on hair.

           Benefit : Its natural moisture factors help to maintain the natural moisture balance. Certified organic ingredients help to prevent scalp and hair from chemical damage and 

                          maintain in healthy condition

          Milk protein perm is new concept clinic perm which is not contain alkali(ammonia, MEA), agent as a new concept cysteamine free base and does not residue in the hair

          Feature of the Milk protein : From frequent perm and dry etc. Supplies cracked hair milk protein to repair and keep oil/moisture balance

      iii)Men’s Style Down Perm : Hair straightener for men’s side and back hair

            The Science : It’s a perm that is softening with oxygen in the air and 1 step perm which is not required additional softening and heating

            Benefit : Easy to use due to excellent application with exact viscosity makes the easy-to-leave side and back hair calm need short time and strong fixing.

Korean Perm for Women (Cold Perm Artist Perm)
RM 269.00