Rebonding for Women

Women Rebonding price staring from RM 269.

Relaxing + Treatment also available.

BIOMA BioStraight & BioPerming is formulated in Japan to perform perming or rebonding on damaged hair. It is a treatment based rebonding & perming lotion that creates the perfect shine, natural, soft and silky straight hair without further damaging your hair after chemical exposure.

BioStraight and BioSet Perm technology from Japan that comes with 90% treatment and just 10% chemical! Brand new rejuvenating BioStraight treatment which consists of only 10% straightening agents, hence minimizing the negative chemicals. Bioma straightening treatment is somewhat similar to rebonding except that with the new technology, the end result is not as dry.


Best part of it, it's suitable even for bleached or very damaged hair. Biostraight utilizes the latest in straightening technology, offering you beautiful shiny, soft and silky straight hair with zero damage! The rejvenating treatment combines deep hair care and straightening, transforming frizzy and dry hair into soft and silky hair in an instant.


This treatment will create twice the lustre and shine and transforms your hair naturally. Over-stylying, colouring and perming brings serious damage to hair cuticles which causes split ends, tangles, dryness and roughness to hair. With BioSet Perm, it gives you soft and bouncy curls after perming. This Bioma perm also includes a hair treatment, giving total repairs and protection to prevent damage. The Japanese Bioma Straightening or Perming uses the Kosenze Acidic Protein Therapy to prevent hair breakage and helps to rebond damaged hair, neutralizes the ph of hair and eliminate toxic to improve and strengthen the hair structure.

A revolutionary patented hair straightener treatment that infuses curly, frizzy, unmanageable hair with nano protein that's naturally missing with just one treatment.


Key features :

✔ Nourishes and conditions hair to restore vibrancy and manageability.

✔ Eliminates frizz in curly, wavy and damaged hair.

✔ straighten and smoothes hair.

Rebonding Relaxing for Women
RM 269.00