- It strengthens the cohesion and stability of the hair shaft and bulb and it adds strength and resistance to the hair.(Preservative free/ Nickel tested)

🌿 100% Organic
(SLS&SLES free, Paraben free, Petrolatum free, PEG,PPG&BBG free, EDTA free, Phthalates free, GMOs free, Synthetic Fragrance free, Artificial colorants free, Animal testing, Nickel Tested)
🌿100% 天然
(不含化学起泡剂, 防腐剂, 石油添加剂, 乳化剂, 安定剂, 塑化剂, 基因改造, 合成香料, 人造色素, 动物测试, 通过镍测试)
💯 100% Original/ 100% 原裝正品
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Active ingredients
🌳 Biodynamic mint : Mint has a refreshing and revitalizing effect on micro-circulation, providing instant relief and comfort for the skin.
🌳 Organic Horse Chestnut : It improves the micro-circulation of blood vessels and encouraging the hair bulb to revitalize and strengthen.
🌳 Ethical Teak and Mahogany : It strengthens hair structure. Antibacterial properties. Antiseptic and astringent for the skin, invigorating and energizing for the hair.
🌳 Buddleja Davidii (Stem Cells) : Help hair follicle cells reproduce improving their capacity for self-renewal.
🌳 Dynagen : An active ingredient derived from Yeast, Dynagen adds strength and nourishment to the hair. This action takes place in the anagen phase, the active moment of hair growth, in which the growing hair fiber penetrates the inner root. Through the dynamization of proteins, Dynagen stimulates the formation of new levels of keratin and collagen in the hair.
🌳 Densiplant - A complex derived from legumes, DENSIPLANT stimulates the dermal papillae for the production of new hair, acting on the molecules responsible for its birth. Rich in phospholipids and phytosterols, it increases the synthesis of the VEGFs (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors). By directly acting on the dermal papillae, these factors contribute to the formation of a vascularization network near the follicle, facilitating the supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the scalp.
🌳 生物动力薄荷精油 :薄荷能为头皮注入舒爽活力,促进微循环,带来即时舒缓功效。
🌳 有机七叶树萃取物 :改善血管微循环,为发根注入活力,强健发丝。
🌳 人道采购柚木萃取物和桃花心木萃取物 :巩固秀发结构,并具有抗菌功效。抗菌消毒,紧致头部皮肤,为发丝注入活力。
🌳 生物科技醉鱼草干细胞萃取 — 帮助改善毛囊细胞的自我更新能力。
🌳 发根强韧因子 — 源自酵母的活性成分,能滋养并强健发丝。
 草本非基改大豆蛋白质 — 因子会在毛发生长期(即新的头发开始形成及扎根时)发挥效用。 透过激活蛋白质,发根强韧因子可促进新的角蛋白和骨胶原层生长。
🌳 Densiplant — 源自豆类植物的复合物,可刺激真皮乳头,促进新的头发生长。  DENSIPLANT蕴含磷脂及植物固醇,可促进血管内皮生长因子合成。 这些因子会直接在真皮乳头上发挥效力,有助在毛囊附近形成血管网络,为头皮源源注入氧气与其他养分。

📌 How to use : After cleansing apply the product directly to the scalp. Leave in for a few minutes. Dry. Shake before use.
📌 使用方法 :洗发后,将产品抹在头皮上。 轻轻按摩头皮,让精华停留在头皮表面数分钟。 用前请先摇匀。

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Oway Densifying Remedy/ Anti hair loss tonic/ Hair growth organic tonic 浓密激活急救精华
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